Terise Harrington

Artist’s Statement

My work is about ebb and flow — strict pattern intertwined with organic growth. The initial design and form begin with the palette of the fabric, which suggests a direction. Thread is used to augment, embellish, and alter the design surface. As I observe the piece take on a life of its own, I create the ebb and flow.


Terise Harrington is a Colorado artist with a passion for fabric and printmaking. She started working with fabric as a young girl, learning to sew with her mother, an accomplished seamstress and designer. While obtaining her fine arts degree at Colorado State University, Terise found new ways to create her own fabric by incorporating printmaking techniques. Most recently, she has begun exploring the use of quilting, interplaying stitching and embroidery within her designs. Her unique work has been shown in numerous juried exhibitions and galleries throughout the country.